Twenty Twenty

The American Election looks like a done deal. ‘Suck it up’ said Oprah Winfrey, which means accept the result and learn to live with it. ‘Where’s the beef?’ somebody else said, meaning where’s the proof of fraud? Well, the beef has been cleverly hidden but there are now people peeking inside coolers and cupboards and I believe they are going to find it – the ‘beef’ that is.

Whatever side of the argument you are on (whether for Trump or for Biden), you have to agree that any fraud in the election process is bad news for everybody and it is in everyone’s interest to find out if such shenanigans have occurred. There should be no political bias forbidding investigation…

… There should be no political bias forbidding investigation and no reason to suppress evidence.

Tell that to the media who are still sidelining and ignoring major stories of corruption. Just last week the almighty censored lawyer Sidney Powell, after she had commenced litigation against state officials in Georgia for election irregularities. So instead of helping to report a story with massive national ramifications they are trying to suppress it. They did the same with the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop because it was not a helpful headline to the anti-Trump coalition, not to mention the Biden family.

The fact is that media & Big Tech are either not covering these stories or else they are side-lining them; – for example alleged election irregularities have been described as “baseless”.

Watch the curves!

Statistical curves are like smoking guns pointing to the crime: Massive organised larceny.

Tomorrow Never Dies’ is a James Bond story where a media baron sets about triggering World War III so that his 24-hour news network can profit from exclusive coverage of the conflict.

In 2020, what happened in reality, is not so very different: Mainstream media moguls joined hands in a campaign of censorship and bias with the deliberate intent to redirect the trajectory of America (the leading free world economy) toward their interests.
The first port of call in their travel itinerary was getting rid of President Donald Trump and to this end they marshalled their collective muscle during the recent election.

Big Lie
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
The most famous practitioner of that principle was Joseph Goebbels who was able in June 1941 to convince the German people that they were right and correct to attack a nation with whom they had recently signed a non-aggression pact (The Soviet Union). He was able to mould public opinion in part, by using the big lie. The massive oversized porky!
That principle is at work today in the board rooms of big business and it is amazing that it has succeeded in 2020 because of the near-monopoly that news outlets and social media have.

The main media and tech giants are:
Most people are influenced to some degree or other by what these platforms put out. If they call Biden the ‘President elect’, most assume that is an official title when in reality, right now it is a rank conferred by the media, not by the organs of state. Joe Biden has enjoyed a publicity coronation but he has not had a real one. That comes from the Electoral College.

How can we get a rounded picture of the facts when big tech and social media are only allowing one-sided biased information? One way is to check out the outlets that are giving another perspective and do not automatically support the Biden side of the issue as does big media.


NTD News Today  
(Alternative news platform)
R&R Law Group 
(for Granular details of law suits etc)
Wide Angle  (in depth reports)
Matt Braynard       
(Election integrity reports & info) 
Russ Ramsland      (voter fraud expert)
Eric Metaxas          (talk show host)
Lance Wallnau      (Christian futurist)
Michael Matt, Remnant TV 
Patrick Byrne & his team, in depth articles and statistics. 
One America News
News Maxx
The Epoch Times

These report stories that big media ignores. To find them you can search on YouTube using the key words above.
Dave Scott-Morgan    Nov 2020