Grand Oaks

White Duck

Carl Wayne, on one of his many visits to Tile Cross, sang this into my B&O recorder. It's a quaint but catchy tune about leaving home for the big time.

She Belongs to the Night

Here's something out of the ark. It's a demo done in a hotel room in Wigan when I was part of Geoff Turton's backing group. The musicians are me and Geoff and Steve Wheate.

Tequila Moonshot

An instrumental of mine recorded by Richard Tandy and me. Sounds like the wallpaper of a sports programme!

On this page I will be sharing the latest mixes of legacy recordings made over the years. It’s a behind-the scenes heads-up just for you guys.

There are a host of Grand Oaks I have to place on this page. Among them are one-offs such as: ‘One More Day’, ‘Baby I Need’ (the Magnum single produced by Roger Greenaway that never saw daylight), ‘Freedom!’ the Romanian revolution song.

Stay plugged in!